9 Of Our Favorite Cyborgs In Honor Of Cyber Monday

Monday, November 28 by

Dr. Arliss Loveless

The nefarious steampunk scientist Arliss Loveless has literally reinvented himself after the loss of his legs. Believed to be a Southern gentleman, he invites the high society elite to a function. However, the information that he leaves off the invite is that they are invited to be used for target practice. Then, in a bid to become president, he builds a giant spider which he uses to kill a bunch of freed slaves. That hardly ever wins you a nomination, let alone the actual presidency.

Inspector Gadget

When the forces of evil conspire to throw the world into a state of peril, it takes a true hero to act on the part of justice. Sometimes, that hero is a bumbling boob who can pull a bowling ball out of his aluminum ass. Inspector Gadget was once a lowly security guard with dreams of a true and just world. After an injury in the line of duty, he is rebuilt with roller skates, a helicopter, and several other doodads. Take that, evil!


In Blade Runner, Daryl Hannah plays Pris, a replicant who was built as a “basic pleasure model,” which basically means she was designed to have weiners put in her. She’s set at an “A Physical” level, which gives her a high threshold for pain and makes her a pretty impressive gymnast. The combination of the hair, makeup, and flexibility is responsible for many a 1980’s nerd not leaving their bedrooms on sunny days.

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