9 Of Our Favorite Cyborgs In Honor Of Cyber Monday

Monday, November 28 by
You don't get much more cyber than these guys. 

Today is Cyber Monday. This does not mean you should engage in cyber sex with strangers in chat rooms (though if  you want to, I won’t judge). Rather, cyber Monday is a day to enjoy tremendous deals at various online stores. Or, if online shopping’s not your thing, you can say screw it and check out this rundown of all the awesome cybernetic characters from television and film. If you do, I’ll take the time to thank you later in a chat room of your choosing.

The Cybermen

The Cybermen are a consistent pain in Dr. Who‘s ass. Originally an organic species from Earth’s twin planet, the Cybermen began to replace their bodies with artificial parts as a means of survival. This action caused them to slowly grow less human until they were completely governed by logic. Just like Melanie Griffith.

Jax Briggs

Jax Briggs is already a tough-as-nails major in the U.S. Special Forces, but he finds he needs an extra edge when dealing with evil karate sorcerers in the shadow realm of Outworld. That’s where the bionic arm shells come into play. With them, he’s able to punch his way through thick walls and beat on robot ninjas. You’re first inclination may be to shrug him off as a pussy, but please keep in mind, these sorcerers are quite good at karate.

Lawnmower Man

Much like your mom with Facebook, Jobe Smith was once a simple-minded gardener. However, after discovering the wondrous world of computers, a bright intelligence is awakened inside of him. Suddenly he can speak Latin and win chicks. Eventually, his mind expands to the point where he is essentially all powerful with telepathic and pyrokinetic abilities. Unfortunately, it goes to his head and makes him a real dick.

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