9 Obnoxious Child Characters That Make Me Want To Get My Tubes Tied

Friday, September 30 by

3. Trixie Young – Problem Child 2

Congrats, Trixie. You were more obnoxious than Problem Child. She totally wanted to sabotage John Ritter’s wedding and did so in the most grating way possible. We’d grown to love Junior after the hijinks of the original, so it’s understandable when this little monster messes with our little monster.

It was hard enough to get us to like one of these little hellians, tossing a second one in the mix in a lackluster sequel is a bit of a nonstarter.

2. Young Ronald Weasley – Harry Potter

He got much more tolerable as his character got fleshed out, but in the beginning, this guy was suck personified. I’m not one to buy into that whole “ginger” thing, but it’s lucky that Harry and Hermione are such nice people, because I don’t think as a 12 year old (or whatever age he was supposed to be) he would be fighting off friends with a stick.

“Hello, I’m a red-haired, awkward wizard!”

That’s code for “I plan on being lonely.”

1. Conrad – The Cat in the Hat

It’s hard to pick Spencer Breslin’s most obnoxious role, as the kid pretty much trafficked in being the most strangle-able character on screen for a while. In Disney’s The Kid, he plays a younger version of Bruce Willis who constantly enunciates as though his pudgy little mouth is packed with mashed potatoes.

However, he has the dubious distinction of being the most obnoxious person in The Cat and the Hat, and he’s opposite Mike Myers and Kelly Preston. Yikes.

There’s a reason these kids only have like seven lines in the books. They’re not likable. At least Dakota Fanning was adorable. Breslin had the look of a kid that would beat you up and take your lunch money, then possibly throw up a hot dog into your backpack.

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