9 Movie/TV Doctors Who Were Worse Than Conrad Murray

Wednesday, September 28 by

The world is watching the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson‘s personal physician, Conrad Murray. It’s off to an emotional start as the case built against the doctor is being presented. As Murray awaits his fate, we’d like to ask who is really at fault here? Clearly, it’s doctors from movies.

Yes, he did give his patient dangerous drugs. Whether he realized the harm they would cause is beside the point, because Conrad Murray could easily be considered a victim too. A victim of Hollywood’s depiction of doctors. With role models like these, it’s no wonder he turned out negligent.

Dr. Evil

You can’t make an accurate list of evil doctors without including Dr. Evil. Turns out that it’s not an unfortunate name, as Evil has been the brains behind several plots to take over the world and extort its governments. Although, he can’t really be blamed for his evil leanings. He was raised by the Dutch after all.

Dr. Christian Szell

As a former SS dentist at Auschwitz, Dr. Christian Szell uses pain as his paintbrush. That and he looks slightly like a giant sea turtle. But back to the pain thing. A skilled interrogator, Szell drills Dustin Hoffman‘s teeth without anesthetic in Marathon Man while repeatedly asking his confused captive, “Is it safe?” Years later, Hoffman would go on to make Meet The Fockers. When will his suffering end?

Dr. Giggles

Easily dismissed due to his persistent giggle and gimmicky methods of killing victims with over-sized medical tools like giant needles, thermometers, Band-Aids, and blood-pressure arm bands, Dr. Giggle gets a bad rap. He’s perhaps the most insane doctor on this list and therefore one of the most dangerous. In one night, his house-calls severely cut down and entire town’s population. I can’t think of any other time where it was so easy to see a doctor.

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