9 Movies Tim Tebow Will Be Watching During The Super Bowl

Friday, February 3 by


Rudy is the tale of a scrappy little character who gets ten seconds of field time through sheer gumption and heart. Much like Tim Tebow, Rudy is a cute, but very minor footnote in the history of the noble and savage game of gridiron football. Unlike Tim Tebow, Rudy doesn’t make me want to throw a brick through my television so that I don’t have to look at his stupid corn-fed face as he kneels yet again to implore the favor of a fictional bearded sorcerer.


Timmy will be into this until about halfway through when he realizes that it’s thinly veiled Mormon propaganda. And that’s just not godly.

Mannequin 2: On The Move

This is a fun movie for the whole family, whereas the first film has the raw sexual energy of a young Kim Cattral, or the Lotharian charms of Andrew McCarthy. Nosireebob, this is a far more family-friendly version of the original Mannequin film. In fact, it’s basically a remake. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to see a remake of that film? As long as I get to spend more quality time with Hollywood Montrose, I’m down.

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