9 Movies Inexplicably Turned Into TV Shows

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Uncle Buck

Stand up comic Kevin Meany took over for John Candy in this show based off the John Hughes comedy. The show seemed like a hit when it premiered and got solid Monday night ratings. However, moving it over to Fridays proved too risky and the show was canceled. In the film version, Buck Russell comes to town to watch his estranged nieces and nephew when they’re parents are called out of town. In the show, however, Buck is their legal guardian after the parents die a horrible death. That’s a shaky foundation for a yuckfest.


Finding success with direct-to-DVD sequels, creators of the Tremors franchise decided to go for broke with a weekly television series. The story centered around the residents of the Arizona town plagued by underground monsters as well as several government experiments gone awry. Syfy aired the episodes completely out of order, causing re-edits of future episodes and a confusing sense of continuity. The show was canceled after thrteen episodes.

Working Girl

Sandra Bullock had a handful of screen credits to her name before snagging the lead in the sitcom based on Working Girl. Stepping into the role made popular by Melanie Griffith in the film version, Bullock starred as Tess, a secretary trying to get ahead at work. However Bullock wasn’t America’s sweetheart yet and the show was canceled after twelve episodes.

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