9 Movies Inexplicably Turned Into TV Shows

Monday, April 23 by

Blue Thunder

The helicopter-centric action film Blue thunder seems like a film least likely to get a television adaptation. However, this happened in the 1980’s when there weren’t rules about what is and is not quality. And such, Blue Thunder the television series came to fruition. Starring James Farentino, Dana Carvey, Dick Butkus, and Bubba Smith, it somehow only lasted eleven episodes. America had their choice, and they chose Air Wolf.


Alicia Silverstone took America by storm when she starred in Clueless, which was a huge hit. So it both does and does not make sense that the film would be adapted as a sitcom. Though the lead role of Cher was recast, many of the original actors returned for the home version. However, the plots were rejiggered and the narrative of Cher gettin’ freaky with her step-brother wasn’t explored at all. I guess television learned its lesson with The Brady Bunch.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The movie about the dumbass genius who shrunk his children with his invention, gets it’s premise stretched for all its worth. The Szalinski Family has relocated to Colorado where Wayne’s inventions get them all into scrapes over and over again. Somehow, they made it to 66 episodes without a single character death.

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