9 Movie and TV Candidates Better Than The GOP Field

Tuesday, January 3 by

Bill The Cat – A Wish for Wings That Work


President Lindberg – The Fifth Element

President Lindberg is the type of substance-free charmer the world needs right now. Wait a minute… you say we already elected a substance-free charmer as president during the last election. Well, um, how did that work out?

Thomas J. Whitmore – Independence Day

Bill Pullman playing the president in Independence Day is probably the closest a University of Massachusetts alum will ever make it to the Oval Office. Whatever, dude defeated the aliens. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Ivy League! This film was made back in the day when people actually thought veterans of the first Gulf War were going to come back as epic war heroes and become presidents and shit. I think it’s also around the time everyone thought the first black president was going to be Morgan Freeman.

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