9 Movie and TV Candidates Better Than The GOP Field

Tuesday, January 3 by

Alfred E. Newman – MADtv

The man’s campaign slogan speaks for itself: “You can do worse… and always have.” Beats the crap out of voting for Cthluhu (this seriously stopped being amusing 15 years ago) or whatever. If you have the itch to vote, he’s probably your best write-in candidate. No one else can promise the same kind of simple-minded honesty as the “What, Me Worry?” kid.

Linda LovelaceLinda Lovelace for President

One of the problems with Linda is, like Mittens, you never know what you’re going to get. She might be the awesome, trailblazing porn star of yore. Or she might be the anti-sex crusader of 2011 vintage. Fortunately, her fictional bid for the presidency in 1975’s Linda Lovelace for President was a sexy comedy, not a Debbie downer. If she ever decides to throw her hat in the ring, I hope we get that Linda and not the one who made all kinds of bizarre and outlandish accusations about the porn industry.

Lex Luthor – Superman

Despite resigning three years into his term, Lex is still available for a second term as president. I can see supporting him. He’s the only candidate who is out for combatting the nefarious alien in blue tights known to the media as “Superman.” I can certainly applaud him for that.

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