9 Movie-Viewing Gadgets That Will Make You Look Like A Geek

Friday, September 9 by

The H.R. Giger Harkonnen Office Chair

For just a measly $45,000, you can have this H.R. Giger designed chair inspired by a Dune movie that never came to fruition. That’s a small price to pay to enjoy your favorite movies and television shows from the comfort of a nightmare vagina.

Tron Headphones and Snow Boots

I couldn’t decide which was dorkier, the Tron headphones or the Tron snow boots. Then I realized that when combined, both look much dorkier. They might go over well in a rave setting or if you’re trying to dress like a Nuetrino. If that’s the case, put on those Oakley Gascans and some shoulder pads and you’re good to go.

Star Trek Home Theater

This is a must-have for anyone who hates the soft and supple feel of a breast (not their own) in the palm of their hand. The high-end home theater features Creston 1700 touch screen controller, Dell media center computer w/5 LCD Screens, Runco DTV-933 projector w/Tripler HDTV, sony PlayStation 3, stewart 110-inch curved Micropref screen and Triad Bronze in-wall speakers. And you know what? I kinda want one. Do you realize how much money you could make shooting porn in there?

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