9 Movie-Viewing Gadgets That Will Make You Look Like A Geek

Friday, September 9 by

Transformers 3D Helmet

Back before the 3D film boom happened, it was easy to get yourself punched for wearing 3D glasses in public.  But nowadays everyone is wearing them. What to do? That’s why there’s this handy gadget. The Transformers 3D helmet takes your normal movie-going experience and makes it much more lame by needlessly surrounding the Real 3D lenses with the visage of Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. It’s your choice. Not like one is cooler than the other.

Oakley 3D Gascan Eyewear

The Oakley 3D Gascans admittedly look much cooler than the Transformers 3D Helmet. However, they are geeky in the fact that you would prefer to purchase your own pair of 3D glasses for $120 rather than pick up the free pair at the theater. I can’t imagine that these sold too well. Does the audience of Shark Night 3D really have much regard for personal style?

Terminator DVD Player

The perfect addition to any weird home, The Terminator Skull DVD Player not only plays DVDs, but it also looks like a Terminator. That’s the perfect union of “functionality” and “thing you’ll have to explain to guests before growing embarrassed and changing the subject.”

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