9 Movie & TV Foods Grosser Than Pink “Slime”

Friday, March 9 by

Michael Jackson’s Oil

A villain in David O. Russell‘s Three Kings asks the complex question, “What is the problem with Michael Jackson?” Instead of just responding that nobody is really sure, Mark Wahlberg is fed oil and tortured due to his lack of a suitable answer. Pretty harsh. Even our greatest minds couldn’t answer that question. How are you going to put that on the guy who created Entourage?

Pop Rocks and Drain Cleaner

There’s a really thin line between pink slime and drain cleaner. Jury’s still out on this scene from Urban Legend.


Freddy Krueger isn’t one to be sensitive about one’s issues. In fact, he jumps right in there and capitalizes upon them. In A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, he torments Greta, whose overbearing mother controls her diet. In her nightmare, she is force fed her own internal organs. I’d take a burger over that.

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