9 Movie & TV Foods Grosser Than Pink “Slime”

Friday, March 9 by
Mmmmm.... soft serve animal byproduct. 

Pink slime is in the news today, and no, it’s not because Viggo the Carpathian is attempting to walk the Earth in a human vessel yet again. Thankfully.

Actually, this story is much worse depending on your perspective. Pink slime is actually a real life additive found in beef that fights off e. coli, salmonella, and over bacteria. That’s good. However, the slime is made from animal byproducts. That’s bad.

Personally, I’d rather eat a few pureed micrograms of a cow’s anus than contract e. coli, but that’s just me. I’m not too grossed out. In fact, I far prefer pink slime to these movie and TV foods.

The Road Trip French Toast

You’re already putting your health in jeopardy by eating anything from a greasy roadside diner. But to actually complain and send the food back is a daredevil stunt that will always result in the chef placing his taint upon your meal. DJ Qualls is none the wiser when he befalls this fate in Road Trip at the hands and sweaty ass of Horatio Sanz.

Sheep Balls

Chevy Chase just can’t get enough when he tries the local cuisine in Funny Farm. In fact, he sets a new town record by eating almost three dozen lamb fries before learning what lamb fries actually are.

Spunked-In Apple Pie

Thankfully, nobody ends up eating the titular recently-f***ed pie in American Pie but the thought is enough to turn my stomach. That pie could be pregnant after all.

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