9 Movie Scientists Who Deserve The Nobel Prize

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Dr. Moreau – The Island of Dr. Moreau

He made that little guy! Has anyone else made a little guy that could dress like his larger creator? Eventually, Dr. Evil was able to replicate the process, but Moreau was the clear front runner.

The term “mad scientist” gets thrown around a lot these days, but just because a scientist is “mad” doesn’t mean that he’s not a groundbreaking man of science. Most every entrant on this list could be classified as a mad scientist.

Maybe it’s the traditional scientists that are truly mad. Or maybe it’s these guys. Whatever.

Dr. Gregory House – House

Dr. House has proven himself the most prolific and successful diagnostician in the world. And all he really needs is a ball to bounce against a wall and some minorities to belittle. Does it matter that around 85% of the cases he ends up seeing are Lupus or Sarchoidosis? Or that he tests EVERY SINGLE PATIENT for Wilson’s disease, even though it’s never been Wilson’s disease ONCE?

Also, if there was a Nobel Prize for “Scientist Who Doesn’t Play By The Rules But, Dammit, He Gets Results,” I would think that Greg House of Princeton-Plainsborough would be a shoe-in.

David Levinson – Independence Day

If saving the entire world from an alien attack by decoding their convoluted countdown signal isn’t grounds for a Swedish award, I don’t know what is. I mean, I wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with the neurotic chatty guy, but he was able to sell the best president this nation has ever had (Thomas J. Whitmore) on the idea that these aliens were counting down to the eradication, which gave the nation enough time to kamikaze Randy Quaid into a spaceship to stop the invaders.

Also, he became friends with Will Smith’s Captain Steven Hiller, which isn’t particularly scientific, but pretty neat nonetheless.

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