9 Movie Hangovers Worse Than The One You’re Feeling

Monday, February 6 by

Bad Santa

Of course, there is also a dark side to getting completely blotto. Namely, sometimes it makes you forget your manners. Like in the case of Billy Bob Thornton‘s Bad Santa. His character, Willie, sobers enough to realize that he’s not a very nice guy. Here he is, squatting in a house with some kid who pees on dishes and his senile grandmother. If that weren’t bad enough, he also nearly ruined the kid’s Christmas by devouring his Advent calendar during a fit of drunken munchies. A little Scotch tape and candy corn fixed it up, but talk about a close call.


You’d think that Hancock wouldn’t drink as much as he does. He does have super senses after all. These are likely heightened while he’s hungover. I know that my sense of smell gets cruelly sharper the morning after I’ve tied one on, and my hearing is much more sensitive. I freak out if someone runs the vacuum. Hancock hears every vacuum.

Team America: World Police

Though Gary doesn’t have time to wallow in his hangover, I’m thinking it wasn’t that much of a problem considering how much vomit he evacuated from his stomach. I’d think he’d be able to run a marathon after spraying down an alley the way he did.

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