Handsome movie farmers of great wholesome honesty, humble and kind hearts usually have no problem harvesting viewers. Not every farmer can satisfy your salt of the earth craving, but the below mentioned farmers come pretty close. Hard-working and full of humility, these farmers till the soil and they've cultivated our adulation!

"Giant" Jett Rink.

James Dean delivered a farm boy-turned-tycoon punch with the 1956 "Giant" classic. Dean's portrayal of Jett Rink nails the clumsy-in-love cowboy routine. He skirts Leslie Benedict, rivalry Bick Benedict's wife. Everyone can relate to fun loving flirt Jett Rink who Leslie has a hush-crush over. Or at least until he struck oil. All downhill from the high rise.

"Signs" of Rev. Graham Hess.

"Signs" kept Mel Gibson's cornfield farmer role of Reverend Graham Hess away from the crop's circle. Gibson portrayed a guy in battle with aliens and his faith. Even when Hess cuts off the alien's fingers, he hesitates, thinks, responds. Strong and with a deep slow voice, Gibson plays the hell out of Hess. By the end of this alien invasion flick, you may even convert back to being a Gibson fan.

"The Natural" with Roy Hobbs.

"The Natural" storyline is out of the ballpark! Roy Hobbs, played by Robert Redford, used to play baseball at the family farm. Roy hits middle-age, comes out of nowhere and blows everyone's mind. His bat is created by a tree that was struck by lightning. A movie merging an old country boy with hard hitting skills.

"Horse Whisperer" also Robert Redford.

Robert Redford directs and portrays the ideal horse loving  farmland therapist named Tom Booker. He helps horses reach answers as to why they have "people problems." Watch this and you'll want to be a horse. It's a bravura performance, and it seems like Redford was born to play intelligent farm-related characters.

"Field of Dreams" with Ray Kinsella.

Kevin Costner portrays Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer tapping Chicago Black Sox baseball greats, listens to their message: "If you build it, they will come." Ray builds a baseball diamond so that the spirits can play ball on his foreclosed land. Married farmer Ray Kinsella delivers sweetness while fighting for his field of dreams.

"Unforgiven", some classic Clint.

 The return of the spaghetti western was more than welcome when "Unforgiven" released in 1992. Produced, directed and starring Clint Eastwood as a gun slinger turned farmer turned gun slinger. William "Will" Munny retaliates after his sidekick Ned Logan is murdered and displayed in the town window. Munny is a bad guys worst nightmare, but a viewer's dream.

"The Grapes of Wrath" with Tom Joad.

John Steinbeck's classic 1940 "The Grapes of Wrath" with evicted farmer Henry Fonda as Tom Joad captured American hearts. The soft spoken farmer must move his family off of farmland due to the Great Depression. Fonda's Joad performance is priceless, and the story is one of the best ever crafted by an American writer.

"The Astronaut Farmer" with Charlie Farmer.

Charlie Farmer, portrayed by Billy Bob Thorton, is a hard edge Air Force guy who builds a dream in his family farm - a rocket. The rocket is destroyed after the government gets involved. Intelligent Charlie and his family builds a second rocket. Charlie inspires what America was made for - dreams.

"The Farmer" with Kyle Martin.

Silver star hero Kyle Martin returns to his foreclosed farm. He is requested to assist a man against the mob. Why? Because Kyle doesn't get mad, he gets even. Kyle (played by Gary Conway) is the ultimate military farmer.