9 Movie Dystopias That Are Worse Than ‘Hunger Games’

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Escape From New York

In John Carpenter‘s dystopian view of the late 90’s, crime is up 400% and the island of Manhattan has been converted into a giant maximum security prison. Surrounded by a wall and booby traps, no one is allowed in or out. Not even guards. It’s total mayhem. Way worse than New York now. It’s like having angry Jets fans everywhere.

However, I do prefer this version of the late 90’s to the one we lived through. There’s no Sugar Ray in this timeline.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

The town of Swallow Falls, located on a tiny island hidden under the “A” in Atlantic on the map of the world, suffered a terrible blow to its local economy once the rest of the world realized that sardines, the island’s chief export, are super gross. Now the citizens are stuck with their surplus of tiny fish and can’t afford to eat anything else. To make matters worse, there are also rat-birds, which means there’s also rat-bird poop.

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