9 Movie Dystopias That Are Worse Than ‘Hunger Games’

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Idiocracy provides a chilling glimpse into the future, showing what happens when stupid people multiply. The greatest minds eventually die off after devoting their reproductive years to their careers and fields of study instead. As a result, there’s garbage everywhere, sports drink replaces water, and the most popular show on television follows a guy who kicks people in the nuts. I’m not so big on garbage or Gatorade, but I can appreciate a creative nut-kicking. Perhaps the future ain’t so bad.

Terminator: Salvation

After years of fan speculation, Terminator: Salvation finally gives audiences what they want; a look at the future under the rule of the machine overlords. Man, what a crap-hole. Why are these machines such dicks to us? And why don’t they hire a plow to clear those roads? It’s got to be hard on them to have to stomp down on skulls with every step. Sure, it’s fun to crush a few here and there, but I’m sure it would get boring after awhile. Like popping bubble wrap.

Mad Max

Don’t you hate it when loud motorcycle clubs drive past your place, making a ton of noise and setting off car alarms? Just imagine if you lived in a society where law and order has broken down and motorcycle gangs have taken over completely. You’d never be able to take your Vespa out in public again.

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