9 Movie Dystopias That Are Worse Than ‘Hunger Games’

Tuesday, December 6 by
This ain't so bad! 

The official trailer for The Hunger Games gave us our first look at the dystopian society that forces children to kill one another for sport on broadcast television. I could so see CBS greenlighting that concept.

This bleary look at the future seems pretty bad, but only if you’re a kid or know any kids. Otherwise, it’s not so bad. It’s not like there are zombies, cannibals, and thieves running around. Nor is the sky full of poison. And it’s not Detroit. With that in mindere’s a look at other film dystopias that are way, way worse.

The Road

Being a single father is hard enough without having to dodge cannibals. When a cataclysm kills off all plants and animals and blots out the sun, Viggo Mortensen and his son attempt to go south for the apocalypse. They have to fight off thieves and hungry people trying to eat them along the way. Also, pushing a shopping cart through the mud is always a crappy task. Get a tobogan or something, Viggo.

Land of the Dead

Yes. Cannibals are a pain in the ass, but zombies are a total nightmare. They don’t need sleep. They don’t get sick. And they smell almost as bad as Zuccotti Park. In Land of the Dead, zombies have taken over most of the planet. Survivors were able to set themselves up in a walled off city, but class warfare brings down their security systems and puts everyone at risk. So prophetic, George Romero.

Children of Men

Sure. Kids are annoying on three hour flights, but what if mankind were unable to produce more? In Children of Men, that phenomenon leads to social unrest, violence, chaos, and the collapse of society. I’d think it would lead to more disposable incomes and everyone banging all the time. Sorry, Children of Men. You make dystopias sound pretty awesome.

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