9 Most Menacing Moustachioed Villains From Film And Television

Tuesday, November 1 by

Fu Manchu

This is a man so evil that his moustache cannot escape his name. The only other guy we can think of that bad is Hitler. Fu Manchu might be the world’s first criminal mastermind. He always had some plot to take over the world using elaborate schemes and trapped the good guys in similar elaborate schemes… from which they inevitable escaped. Note that the Hulk Hogan moustache is a little different from Fu’s and is known as the horseshoe. Fu’s moustache grows longer than the chin, down off the face.

Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly is know for cheating in Wacky Races and his longstanding feud with Snidely Whiplash. He’s also known for his evil, evil moustache.

Ed Rooney

Perhaps the most pathetic villain on the list, Ed Rooney is known for being constantly shown up by Ferris Bueller. Rooney might also be the only guy on this list we feel a bit sorry for. I mean, failing at finding and apprehending Ferris was pretty hard on old Ed. We can’t imagine he kept his job long after Ferris’s day off.

We’re skipping the obligatory Jeffrey Jones joke here, kids.

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