In cinema and television, giving your villain a moustache is perhaps the easiest way to ensure people know he’s bad. Seriously, it’s like a monocle denoting wealth. For the man looking to celebrate Movember with a bit of wickedness in his appearance, the moustache can provide the opportunity for being the cartoon villain you’ve always wanted to be. So with the start of Movember upon us, take a look at these nine menacing moustachioed villains for inspiration, and then head over to the Break Movember team and join the fight against prostate and testicular cancer.

The Joker

No, not Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson or even Mark Hamill. We’re talking about Cesar Romero and his well-sculpted, trimmed-down moustache during the deliciously campy 1960 television series Batman. It’s hard to see at times, but it’s definitely there, poking through the white greasepaint. The grooming here is impeccable, befitting a villain who clearly spends more time on his appearance than he does on actually trying to rid the world of Batman... seriously, how many easily escapable traps can the dude come up with?


This one is cheating a bit, because Sinestro won’t be a villain until the next Green Lantern film and based on the performance of the last, that might never happen. Still, fans of the comic book knew where this was going, so there’s no spoiler alert needed. Sinestro is to Green Lantern what Lex Luthor is to Superman. You can tell by the ‘stache. We’re actually hoping they make a sequel if for no other reason than that he fits in better on this list, but whatever. Even in the first movie the guy is a total dick.

Railroad Track Guy

At some poin in time this was a character in a film. Then it just became a trope and sight gag. When I say “moustachioed villain” you pretty much immediately think “guy tying some chick to the railroad tracks.” Apparently this first appeared in an early silent serial called The Perils of Pauline. At the time it was no joke -- six people were killed in such a manner between 1874 and 1910. This cliché later inspired Snideley Whiplash on Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties.

Mel Gibson

Mel's only not considered a villain by people who are not into psychotic racism and antisemitism. Seriously, check the ‘stache, and it’s obvious.

Bill the Butcher

Bill and Mel might actually have a lot to talk about. This nativist villain of Gangs of New York sports the bushy moustache common among the Know Nothing Party set of the 1850s. You can see his influence in contemporary fashion on just about every hipster tooling around on a fixed-gear bike. Unsurprisingly, the real-life Bill the Butcher had little in common with the character in Gangs of New York. He died in 1855, a full five years before America began its plunge into civil war.

Boris Badenov

Not sure what this guy is up to since the end of the Cold War, but dang if we didn’t love him back in the day. Hailing from the totally real country of Pottsylvania, Boris was always trying to put a cramp in Bullywinkle and Rocky’s style. One of his favorite causes was attempting to eliminate all television from the United States. Big surprise --  we’re opposed to that.

Fu Manchu

This is a man so evil that his moustache cannot escape his name. The only other guy we can think of that bad is Hitler. Fu Manchu might be the world’s first criminal mastermind. He always had some plot to take over the world using elaborate schemes and trapped the good guys in similar elaborate schemes... from which they inevitable escaped. Note that the Hulk Hogan moustache is a little different from Fu’s and is known as the horseshoe. Fu’s moustache grows longer than the chin, down off the face.

Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly is know for cheating in Wacky Races and his longstanding feud with Snidely Whiplash. He's also known for his evil, evil moustache.

Ed Rooney

Perhaps the most pathetic villain on the list, Ed Rooney is known for being constantly shown up by Ferris Bueller. Rooney might also be the only guy on this list we feel a bit sorry for. I mean, failing at finding and apprehending Ferris was pretty hard on old Ed. We can’t imagine he kept his job long after Ferris’s day off.

We’re skipping the obligatory Jeffrey Jones joke here, kids.

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