9 Most Disturbing Home Invasion Movies

Tuesday, September 6 by


Here’s a novel reason for a home invasion: You want to cut out a pregnant woman’s unborn child. And Inside is also about a mor insidious kind of home invasion: The idea of at unknown person sneaking around your apartment, sometimes while you’re home, without yo knowing. What could be more disturbing than that?

Rear Window

All of the other movies on this list have one thing in common: The person doing the home invading isn’t the “good guy” of the story. But in Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart suspects his neighbor of committing a murder, and he eventually sends his girlfriend Grace Kelly over to his neighbor’s apartment to collect evidence. Have you ever had that dream where you’re in someone’s house where you’re not supposed to be, and the owner of the house comes home? Rear Window plays on that common fear with disturbing and exciting skill.

Assault on Precinct 13

OK, so a more accurate term for this movie might be “precinct invasion,” but no one can dispute its disturbing power. Anyone who’s seen the infamous “ice cream scene” can attest to this, and the sensation of your own private and safe space being threatened by invaders is intact. See it, and you’ll realize that even if you live in a fortified compound you could be the victim of a home invasion.

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