9 Most Disturbing Home Invasion Movies

Tuesday, September 6 by


In Suddenly, Frank Sinatra plays a “lone nut” assassin years before it was cool. Granted, he’s working to assassinate the president of the United States for money, not for kicks, but the movie definitely implies he’s got some psychological problems other than his mercenary nature. As part of his plot, he invades the home of a suburban family unlucky enough to have a house that sits along the presidential motorcade. Sinatra’s violent disruption of a “perfect” 50s family is disturbing, even today.


The Jigsaw Killer of Saw has more on his mind than home invasion, but it’s still a crucial part of his plan. And just so you know, if the Jigsaw Killer invades your home, you have more to worry about than your collection of porcelain cows getting broken in a struggle – you’re much more likely to wake up hooked into a death-by-porcelain-cow machine or something.

The Strangers

Basically like an MTV version of Funny Games, The Strangers is about a trio of masked assailants who choose a house, seemingly at random, and decide to terrorize and eventually kill the people inside. A common theme in home invasion movies is the “innocent victim,” and the plot of The Strangers fits this perfectly. What’s more disturbing than being selected by a killer at random?

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