9 Most Disturbing Home Invasion Movies

Tuesday, September 6 by

The upcoming film Straw Dogs appears to take the home invasion genre to new heights of depravity. So it might be a good idea for you to prepare yourself for the Straw Dogs juju by taking a look at some disturbing home invasion movies from years past.

Funny Games

Michael Haneke’s Funny Games is a remake, but it’s a remake of the director’s own movie, sadistically tailored to American audiences. And it is perhaps the ultimate home invasion movie, using ever weapon in the director’s arsenal to drive the characters (an upper-class suburban family who are attacked by two murderously playful villains) and the audience into a frenzy.

Panic Room

A good home invasion movie grabs the audience by the throat and puts them in a state of almost unbearable suspense – this is certainly the case with Panic Room. There’s a twist, though- for the vast majority of the movie, the mother and daughter being invaded aren’t even in the same room with the dangerous thieves that have broken into their home. It’s thanks to the “panic room” of the title, but what happens if the invaders want to get INTO the panic room?

One Hour Photo

Some home invaders prefer to provide more psychological than physical disturbances. Robin Williams‘ character in One Hour Photo would be a good a good example of this, as he becomes unhealthily obsessed with a family that regularly has their photos developed by him. His loneliness is so real that you might find yourself feeling sorry for him, at least until he snaps and starts threatening the family members with a knife when they don’t meet his standards for the perfect family.

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