9 Most Convoluted Movie Conspiracies

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The Net (1995)

In this film, a billion-dollar computer security software company called Gregg Microsystems supposedly has its own clandestine in-house cyberterrorism department. Their function is to hack into and disrupt major computer systems (banks, governments, etc.) under the guise of some phony political motive. Then the owners of those major systems will come to Gregg Microsystems for their superior security software, unaware that it was Gregg Microsystems that attacked them in the first place.

So, for a while things were really going great for this software giant. But eventually, as is always the case with conspiracies, one solitary individual figured it out. So they killed him. Then they tried to cover up that murder with another murder, and then another. But this only drew more attention to the situation, and before they knew what hit them the whole conspiracy was unraveling. So really, the lesson for would-be conspirators: if a high-ranking government official discovers your plan, whatever you do, don’t kill him. That only makes it worse. Also, don’t mess with Sandra Bullock.

Coma (1978)

This film is based on a novel of the same name by Robin Cook, and was adapted for the screen and directed by the late great Michael Crichton. Coma is the story of a Boston surgical resident named Susan Wheeler who discovers what almost anyone who worked at fictional Massachusetts General Hospital ought to have discovered: a vast conspiracy of doctors and nurses to harvest the organs of completely healthy patients so they can sell them on the black market. You see, whenever a young, healthy individual would come in for some kind of elective surgery at Mass Gen, they would be taken to Operating Room 8, where the nefarious Dr. Harris would give them carbon monoxide instead of oxygen, causing brain death. The brain dead patients are then transferred to a “special clinic,” where they are stored like those people plugged into the Matrix before their organs are auctioned off via teleconference to the highest bidder. It’s such an elaborate conspiracy that it’s almost hard to believe it could be carried out in secret for so long.

The Arrival (1996)

There are tons of alien conspiracy movies out there. Some of them are about how aliens are conspiring to take over the planet. Others are about how the government has conspired to keep information about alien encounters hidden from the public. But The Arrival is the rare film that has a little bit of everything. You see, aliens have secretly come to earth with the intention of eradicating human life and inhabiting the planet themselves. That’s the macroconspiracy. To accomplish this, the shape-shifting aliens have infiltrated all aspects of society, including the government, which conspires to keep the aliens’ presence and plot a secret. (Psst, global warming is the aliens’ fault.) There’s your microconspiracy. Luckily for the human race, Charlie Sheen (playing against type as a scientist) saves the day. Winning!

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