9 Lesser-Known Muppets You’ll See In The New Movie

Wednesday, November 23 by


This giant Muppet is pretty recognizable from the first film, as he was constantly chasing the main group down, trying to go to Hollywood with them. Although monstrous in appearance, Sweetums is one of the friendlier Muppets, usually misunderstood do to his clumsy nature, and what we can only assume is a troubling mescaline addiction.

80’s Robot

I wracked my brain trying to figure out where this Muppet had appeared before, until I looked it up and learned that 80’s Robot is a brand new addition specifically created for upcoming film. Although he doesn’t appear very Muppet like, I’m willing to give this new character a chance, provided he has a hilarious robot voice.


Thog is one of the great “who is that?” characters appearing in The Muppets latest ads. He actually dates back over 40 years to some of the earliest Muppet productions. Thog would pop up periodically on The Muppet Show before disappearing from the franchise until now. Hopefully we can finally learn more about this mystery Muppet. At the very least, I’m excited to see him take on Grimace during the inevitable McDonalds promotional crossover.

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