9 Instances Of James Cameron Just Being Ridiculous

Tuesday, March 27 by

And This Picture

He Was An 18 Year-Old Truck Driver

Sure, this is absolutely a testament to his commitment to film and self-reliance, but it’s also pretty hilarious. What kind of truck driver would he have grown to be had he not been the world’s most famous director? I always just sort of imagine director’s being film nerds in high school, going to film school, then working their way up after making a student film. I rarely imagine them being Canadian truck drivers (except for Spike Lee, I often imagine that).

I could just see him on a CB, talking incessantly to the point that other truckers have to switch channels or turn off their radios. I also see him holding court at a truck stop, discussing Unobtainium to a few tourists who just wanted to get some sodas.

Was his truck named Titanic? I’m just going to assume it was until I hear otherwise. (Please don’t tell me otherwise.)

And, Finally, This Quote

“I eat pressure for breakfast.”

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