9 Instances Of James Cameron Just Being Ridiculous

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He Came Up With Terminator In A Dream While He Had Food Poisoning

While the premise of Terminator doesn’t seem THAT far out there, especially in the realm of science-fiction, the story of the genesis of the film(s) sounds like something out of the genre itself. In the middle of filming Pirahna II: The Spawning, Cameron was fired as director, but stayed on the project. One night in Rome, Cameron got hit with a bout of food poisoning and endured terribly weird dreams, as ill people often do. One nightmare focused on a time-travelling robot hitman, which of course became the premise for the blockbuster franchise.

So if you’re ever facing writer’s block or looking for some inspiration, just eat some day-old ceviche and let the ideas just come in a gorgeous wave.

The 1998 Oscars

Granted, his mega-duper blockbuster Titanic garnered 11 statues, so he was bound to scrape the bottom of the barrel in his many speeches, but even by Oscar standards, he was pretty damn silly. During one of his acceptance speeches, he asked for a moment of silence for the people who perished in the sinking of the Titanic, which is pretty damn smug and dumb, but whatever. However, while the audience was almost done dutifully obeying his request for silence, he bellowed out, “Now let’s party till dawn!” It’s pretty arrogant to think that everyone will be partying because his overblown film won an Oscar, but whatever.

He also proclaimed that he was the “king of the world” in another acceptance speech. No, James. You’re not. You’re a movie director with a microphone. Act the part.

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