9 Instances Of James Cameron Just Being Ridiculous

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James Cameron, perhaps the most lauded and well-known director in the world, has a reputation for being a bit…ridiculous. He’s allegedly demanding and can have a temper, but that’s pretty much for the course, so I wouldn’t call him a jerk in that capacity. He’s just got a bit of an ego that manifests itself in strange ways, like silly acceptance speeches, goofy pictures, and lots and lots of divorces from wives.

While that may not make him particularly desirable to live or work with, it makes him plenty fun to write about. Peep this.

He Tweeted From The Ocean’s Deepest Point

The impetus for this inventory of silly Cameron behavior is his recent submersion to the deepest point of the ocean, then his tweet from there, making him (probably) the person that holds the record for the deepest tweet in history. Sounds dirty, but really it’s just absurd.

I’m hoping that we’re only a few years away from Cameron getting another divorce so that he can marry the sea in a civil ceremony in Vermont.

He’s Been Married Five Times

He’s like the Liz Taylor of men! First married in 1978 to Sharon Williams, Cameron’s revolving door of nuptials and pledges included Gale Ann Hurd, Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, Terminators 1 and 2 star Linda Hamilton, and Suzy Amis, to whom he has been married since 2000. Whoa! 12 years. We may have found a keeper.

Judging by many of the accounts of actors and crew members on his sets, coexisting with James is no walk in the park for three months, so I can’t imagine that living with him and his peccadilloes day in and day out would be a walk in the park.

His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Contained A Line In Na’vi

Yup, he tossed in a line from a fictional language he created upon receipt of a Golden Globe. Not an Oscar, mind you, but a Golden Globe.

He offered up this little pearl to the drunk guests in attendance and the woefully sober audiences at home:

“I just want to say,” the shaggy-haired director said, “Bonati komaei mismoka mismokay — which means, I see you, my brothers and sisters.”

He sees us? That’s terrific news! We see you, too, James. And you’re a big, glorious vision of a man. Shine on, you crazy diamond! Why can he quote his own language in a moment of glory, but when I won that beer pong tourney and offered thanks in a mumbled drunken language I made up, it was a minor tragedy? Doesn’t seem fair to me at all.

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