High school cheerleaders are seen as perpetually happy and glowing individuals who are envied by girls of all ages. They are usually beautiful creatures who can dance, sing and have the choice of any boy's attention they desire. Of course cinema has often shown them to be cruel and horrible people who manipulate those around them to do what they want. But they are really happy when they do so. Here are nine insanely happy movie cheerleaders.

Torrance Shipman, "Bring It On"

Kirsten Dunst made her name as the eternally preppy Torrance in this enjoyable 2000 romp. All she dreams about is becoming the leader of the cheerleading squad and when she is appointed it she couldn't be more happy. Of course it proves to be more than she can handle, but at least she got her wish. Should have wished for some dental work, though.

Debbie Benton, "Debbie Does Dallas"

Debbie's reputation certainly precedes her as she looks to become the happiest cheerleader in Dallas. All to become a member of the famed Texas Cowgirls cheer squad. You can only admire her "determination," and all of the wonderful camera angles that capture her efforts.

Darcy Sears, "Varsity Blues"

Ali Larter's impossibly lovely Darcy covers up her nether regions in whipped cream and turns up at the quarterbacks home and looks for him to lick it all off. Her whipped cream bikini gag is wonderfully effective, at least most of the time. But then, most food-based bikinis on hot woman are usually pretty excellent, right?

Jennifer Check, "Jennifer's Body"

Cheerleader/demon Megan Fox more than lives up to her name as the scary sexpot. And with her position as head cheerleader she is able to line up a series of high school boys for her to divulge before killing them and disemboweling them when she is done. Probably worth it.

Sandy Olsson, "Grease"

You'd be pretty happy too if John Travolta was swooning over you. But Sandy soon finds that changing the ways of Danny Zuko is pretty difficult and ultimately remodels herself to fit him. She seemed pretty happy though as the school girl. She even got the attention of B-Movie superstar Lorenzo Lamas at the pep rally! Who needs Travolta?

Lee, "Death Proof"

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is completely adorable as Lee in Quentin Tarantino's 2007 grindhouse romp. Lee wears her cheerleader outfit expertly and starts off the film really bubbly but ends up being used for collateral when her friends borrow a Dodge Charger, informing the owner that she is a porn star. We can only dream. Privately, of course.

Courtney, "Ninja Cheerleaders"

Courtney and her two cohorts April and Monica have very little to moan about as they are cheerleaders who also work as strippers and samurais in their spare time. That's a triumvirate that's pretty much impossible to beat. Stripper/samurai alone is a tough combo, but a cheerleader outfit puts the whole package way, way over the top.

Anne, "Man of the House"

Tommy Lee Jones is made to protect a group of cheerleaders, who have witnessed a crime in this 2005 comedy. And Anne is so bubbly and loveable that she ever coaxes a smile from the famously forlorn Jones. Kudos girl, kudos.

Megan, "But I'm A Cheerleader"

Natasha Lyonne's Megan is a bubbly and energetic cheerleader who is living the perfect life. She loves cheerleading and is dating Jared, a football player, however she is more attracted to her fellow cheerleaders than Jared and soon begins to think more about these feelings. All whilst keeping up the facade of happiness about her relationship with Jared.