9 Idiotic Celebrity Quotes About September 11th

Wednesday, January 18 by

Glenn Beck

“When I see a 9/11 victim family on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh shut up.’ I’m so sick of them because they’re always complaining.”

And how are you enjoying your glass house, Mr. Beck?

Gwyneth Paltrow

“She saw it was me so she was able to get me a message, but I think a lot of fates were changed that day obviously and I am very humbly happy to be a part in her story.”

On the morning of September 11th, Gwyneth Paltrow almost ran over a jaywalker, thus making her late for work at the World Trade Center and saving her life. If only, Gwyneth’s fame could have distracted more people that morning.

Spencer and Heidi Pratt

Heidi: “We’ve been nonstop researching the Internet … for information for at least a month all day every day.”

Spencer: “From your [Jones’] research, it [9/11] 100 percent is [an inside job] … “I want to throw up.”

Heidi and Spencer discussing their sacrifices for 9/11.

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