9 Horrible Heist Movies That Stole Nothing But Your Time and Money

Friday, November 4 by

The Ladykillers

In a rare misstep for the Coen Brothers, Tom Hanks leads a gang of bumbling criminals posing as musicians in order to tunnel through an elderly woman’s basement into the vault of a casino. When the old lady stands in their way, they attempt to kill her. But thanks to their bumbling nature, they fail to off her or amuse the audience.


Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton co-star as two bank robbers with unconventional methods. Instead of going through the trouble of robbing a bank teller, they go to the manager’s home and spend the night there before going to the bank with the manager in the morning. They’re also unconventional in the aspect that they are in a polyamorous relationship with the same women. Thank God this didn’t make our National Sandwich Day list.

The Newton Boys

Based on the true story of a family of Texas bank robbers, The Newton Boys stars Matthew McConaughy, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Skeet Ulrich. SKEET ULRICH. I rest my case.

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