9 Horrible Heist Movies That Stole Nothing But Your Time and Money

Friday, November 4 by


Apart from watching Catherine Zeta Jones get her ass under that laser, Entrapment is essentially unwatchable as a film. However, as an animated GIF, it is very watchable.

Panic Room

Panic Room has its moments, but for the most part, it’s a pretty ridiculous plot. It was released around the same time as Phone Booth and Cellular, it was meant to tap into our fear of confined spaces and white guys with cornrows.

Ocean’s Twelve

Ocean’s Eleven is well-crafted, fun, and rightfully deserves mention in discussions about great heist films. This is the sequel to that and it falls way short. George Clooney agreed that getting the gang back together would be fun to see. Especially if that gave everyone an opportunity to party in Italy instead of making a coherent movie.

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