9 Greatest Movie Animal Escapes

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Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak!! 

As if Ohio weren’t a dangerous enough place to live, citizens in Zanesville are now being urged to stay indoors after 48 exotic animals escaped from a local nature preserve. Local authorities are now hunting tigers, lions, wolves, bears, and other exotic creatures after they were freed from The Muskingum County Animal Farm. The farm’s owner was found dead while all of the cage doors were left open.

Cause of death in unknown at this time, and the release of the animals remains clouded in mystery. The only fact we have is that there is a town in Ohio being besieged by several aggressive animals. It’s awesome. Just like a movie. As such, Ohio should check out these nine movie animal escapes. What they learn might just save their lives.

12 Monkeys

Are far as radical terrorist groups go, The Army of the Twelve Monkeys kind of suck at what they do. Yeah, sure, they’re revered by citizens in the future because of the release of a killer virus. But, in truth, they weren’t responsible for its release. That was just lucky timing. All they really did was f*ck up traffic in Philly by releasing a bunch of zoo animals.

Free Willy

When his life in captivity is threatened by Michael Ironside’s greedy amusement park owner hoping to cash in a huge insurance settlement, Willy the Orca has no choice but to escape. Along with the help of a young boy, he escapes his tank and leaps to his freedom without crushing his savior. Suck it, Michael Ironside!!

Homeward Bound

Believing they’ve been abandoned by their vacationing owners, two dogs and a cat escape their pet-sitter and begin their trek home. These idiots fall in rivers, fight mountain lions, get attacked by porcupines, and then later, run away from their saviors. Nothing like this would have happened had they been crated.

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