9 Films That Probably Required Some Very Unpleasant Actor Preparation

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3. Daniel Day-LewisThere Will Be Blood

So that he could hone his chops for the role of soulless oilman Daniel Plainview, Day-Lewis spent the year before that just being a total dick to everyone he knew. He’s such a method actor that it was really the only way. He went to restaurants and tipped 11%, would bring his girlfriend to poker night, and would get into his car parked at crowded malls, then take forever to back out of his space for the waiting car.

With that kind of preparation, it’s no wonder he got the Oscar.

2. Matt DamonThe Bourne Identity

In preparation for the iconic franchise kickstarted by helmer Doug Liman, Matt Damon spent two weeks running around crowded train stations, hiding behind columns, and beating the hell out of people using only rolled-up magazines.

He also spent a little over six years practicing getting the SIM cards out of various cell phones really, really quickly.

1. Nicholas Cage, et al – Gone In 60 Seconds

With an eye on detail to the specifics of the car theft subculture, the producers behind Gone in 60 Seconds wouldn’t let any actor join the cast until they had stolen five cars. Nicholas Cage famously placed himself outside Morton’s during the Vanity Fair Oscar party, stealing Helen Mirren’s Lamborghini and Jonathan Lipnicki’s Escalade.

It’s also rumored, but not proven, that Giovanni Ribisi had to be taught how to drive stick for the role. Seriously. How lame is that?

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