The use of body doubles during nude scenes is so wide spread that you're probably under a lot of mistaken impressions. You think you've seen Mila Kunis' ass? You think you've glimpsed Isla Fisher's ta-ta's? You think you've marveled at Willem Defoe's junk? Well I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. You were looking at body doubles. Don't believe me? Read on for yourself, and prepare to be disappointed.

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Natalie Portman - Your Highness

Much hoopla was made over Natalie Portman's revealing thong scene in Your Highness. As it turns out, it was much ado about nothing, and Portman was in fact using a body double. It was also alleged that Portman used a body double for most of the dance scenes in Black Swan. But as long as that was really her making out with Mila Kunis, I don't really give a damn. Speaking of Mila Kunis...

Mila Kunis - friends with benefits

Those of you who saw Friends with Benefits can be forgiven for thinking you've seen Mila Kunis's ass. Unfortunately, this is not the case. On the plus side, Mila was involved in casting her own butt double, which is pretty hot. Also, the side boob you see in the film is the real deal, so it's not a total waste of time.

Kevin Costner - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Before you ladies and gay dudes get upset about the lack of a sexier picture, please keep in mind that I am not the one behind this double standard. Google Images is strangely silent on the subject of Kevin Costner's ass. But I suppose it's a moot point, since his ass didn't actually appear in the swimming scene during Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. A pale, flabby stunt double was used.

Katy Mixon - Eastbound and Down

When April on Eastbound and Down finally took her bra off in episode 1:5, the world was treated to a spectacular sight. Unfortunately, as spectacular as those breasts were, they did not belong to Katy Mixon. The actress says she will never do a nude scene because her father could be watching. Thanks for ruining everything, Mr. Mixon.

Isla Fisher - The Wedding Crashers

Apparently this scene fooled a lot of people. When we did our list of 30 Actresses Who Should Consider Going Topless, we received a barrage of angry comments claiming she already had. But a quick trip over to Mr. Skin's website will confirm that Isla doesn't show her goods. The film does a nice job on the editing, though, so it's easy to suspend disbelief.

Lindsay Lohan - Machete

You kind of get to see Lindsay topless at one point in Machete, but her breasts are mostly obstructed by hair. Later in the film, her character has a much better topless scene, but Lindsay herself is nowhere to be found. In case you haven't figured it out by now, that's a double.

Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air

Considering Vera Farmiga is nearly 40-years old, her nude scene in Up in the Air was remarkably hot. But considering that the body double they used was probably 22, I guess there's really nothing surprising about that at all.

Willem Defoe - Antichrist

I've been waiting for years to see Willem Defoe's junk on the big screen, so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that a body double was used. Defoe opted out of the nude scene because he felt, "It would be such a distraction." Instead, a porn star was used, because that's not at all distracting.

Mila Kunis - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I wasn't about to end on Willem Defoe's stunt cock. Instead, I'll repeat Mila Kunis. Yes, that might look like a topless pic of the actress, but since you've already read eight of these blurbs as well as the title of this piece, you know that it's a body double, as is the case with all of her nudity in the film. The fact that she refuses to go nude wouldn't be that insulting if not for the fact that the dude who played Fes on That 70's Show has probably seen her naked. That's what really tortures me.