9 Famous Lost Films That Have Been Rediscovered

Thursday, August 4 by
Alfred Hitchcock 

Ninety-eight years after its release, a lost film on which Alfred Hitchcock served as assistant director has been rediscovered in a New Zealand archive. The 30-minute fragment for The White Shadow, is now the legendary director’s earliest credited feature. According to David Sterritt, Hitchcock researcher and chairman of the National Society of Film Critics, the find represents a “missing link” in director’s early career.

While the find is making headlines, it is far from unique. Throughout the years, numerous supposedly lost films have been rediscovered. Here are nine famous examples.

Cléopâtre – (1899)

Considered one of the earliest horror films of all time, Georges Méliès’ Cléopâtre told the story of the reanimated mummified corpse of the ancient Egyptian queen. Although it was thought lost for decades, a print was found in 2005.

It goes without saying that the picture above is not directly related to the film.

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