9 Esteemed Directors And The Action Stars They Should Work With Next

Thursday, February 9 by

Ridley Scott – Chuck Norris

Ridley Scott has worked with his share of action heroes: Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, Liam Neeson. But he hasn’t worked with the best. While in most cases, it’s a blessing that your path doesn’t cross Chuck Norris (because the last thing you want to do is cross Chuck Norris), I think these two would make a remarkable team. Though it is pretty insulting that Norris wasn’t considered for Gladiator. Maybe it might be for the best that these two don’t meet.

Peter Jackson – Dolph Lundgren

I’d just really like to see Dolph Lundgren in a skintight mo-cap suit. It’s for a, um, project I’m working on. It’s of a personal nature.

But how great would it be if these two worked together? Perhaps on Halo?

Tim Burton – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I demand to see Arnold Schwarzenegger star in a Tim Burton film about a circus strongman who finds his strength draining as he falls in love with the traveling show’s main attraction. Somebody please forward this pitch to Burton. Wait, I don’t think he does email, so please forward this to Johnny Depp. He’ll pass it on.

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