9 Esteemed Directors And The Action Stars They Should Work With Next

Thursday, February 9 by
We can dream 

Yesterday, it was announced that Brian De Palma would return to film-making for a project starring… Jason Statham? Yes. Jason Statham. In a remake of Heat. Not the beloved Michael Mann film, but the Heat from 1987 that starred Burt Reynolds. Anyway you slice it, that’s a weird pair for that project. But it’s also kind of brilliant. It’s time that the action stars had their day and the chance to work with celebrated directors.

Here’s my take on exactly who should work together and why. If anything, it would lead to really pretty films about dudes getting punched.

Wes Anderson – Sylvester Stallone

This pairing seems like a partnership made in movie heaven. Wes Anderson is fond of crafting his stories around damaged men with enormous egos. Sylvester Stallone has proven himself adept at drama and comedy. I’d think Anderson and one of the Coppolas could create a memorable character for him. Here’s what I’m thinking: Stallone stars as a painter who can’t sell his work. However, due to a clerical error the world believes he died. His works become enormously successful but he can’t enjoy the notoriety because no one believes he’s still living. Luke Wilson and Jennifer Hudson co-star.

Quentin Tarantino – Jackie Chan

What Jackie Chan needs right now is a chance to shake up his image. A string of family friendly films have tarnished his box office shine and Hollywood is beginning to forget about him. Sound familiar? That’s right. QT has the power to reignite Chan’s fading star. He did it for John Travolta AND he loves kung fu. Kill Bill Vol. 3 ain’t gonna cast itself. Just saying.

Steven Spielberg – Tony Jaa

Steven Spielberg has jerked many a tear in his day with his emotional stories of bravery and redemption. But has he ever filmed a guy kicking ninjas while riding an elephant? I’ll save you some research time. He hasn’t. That’s why he should work with Tony Jaa. It’s not like Tom Hanks is going to learn Thai martial arts, let alone how to ride an elephant. War Elephant anybody?

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