9 Entertainers Who Were Fired For ‘Offensive’ Statements

Tuesday, October 4 by
Whose idea was it to give this guy a microphone? 

Hank Williams Jr. learned the hard way that he should stick to yelling about the preparedness to watch football and not veer into politics. ESPN fired him over offensive comments comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, although the comments were actually not a direct comparison, rather a joke gone awry. But, whatever, call it karma catching up to him for wearing a hat indoors all those years. Just so help me God if he’s replaced by Kid Rock.

However, he isn’t the first to lose a plum gig after sharing controversial viewpoints. Here are nine other entertainers who were fired after speaking their mind. Sadly, none of them are Kid Rock.

Gilbert Gottfried – Aflac

Gilbert Gottfried enjoyed a pretty cake stint as the voice of the Aflac duck. That ended in March of 2011 when he tweeted jokes about the Japanese tsunami disaster. He later apologized and erased the tweets, but Aflac (who does 75% of their business in Japan) weren’t laughing. He was dismissed quickly and the search for a new duck voice began.

Madonna – Pepsi

You know what Pepsi doesn’t like associated with their brand? Burning crosses. Go figure. After pressure from religious groups, Pepsi stopped airing its commercial starring Madonna and featuring her song “Like a Prayer.” However, they probably shouldn’t have likened their product to a religious experience in the first place.

Megan Fox – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Although she proved herself quite adept at raising her ass in the air while lying across automobiles, Megan Fox found out how replaceable she is when she compared director Michael Bay to Hitler. Seems that didn’t sit too well with executive producer Steven Spielberg and Fox was not invited back for the third film in the series. It’s a shame too because that’s the only film that kinda almost made some sense.

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