9 Emmy Awards That Should Exist (2011 Edition)

Thursday, September 15 by

Most Overrated Show: Glee

There is no doubt that I’m pretty far from the target demographic from this show, but that won’t stop me from wondering what the hell other people see in it. A bunch of happy kids singing. I’m sure they face adversity (being gay, being in a wheelchair, being gay in a wheelchair), but that is not enough to make me care.

The singing portion, which is undoubtedly an important aspect of a show called Glee, has all the resonance of Kidz Bop Volume 6. I don’t need to hear Journey redone right now, thank you.

The “That’s Still On?” Award: Conan

What the hell happened to “Team CoCo?” The fact remains that all the young fans that sided with Conan and supposedly like his humor (on paper) just aren’t fans of the late-night talkshow format. TBS hasn’t realized the success that they thought that they would from Conan’s huge payday, and George Lopez is no longer around because of it (which is fine).

Conan’s show doesn’t seem terribly different than before, but a disinterested audience mixed with basic cable hasn’t made this experiment a winner.

Worst Cameo: Alex Rodriguez – Entourage

Sorry. He could play the most convincing politician who integrates Mississippi schools in the late-60’s, and I would still put him down for worst cameo. I will never get past those purple lips.

Entourage has a ridiculous history of cameos, which is actually to its credit, as living in LA, you find yourself running into the most ridiculous celebrities ever with no rhyme or reason. However, A-Rod doesn’t just “appear.” You say his name three times, and he pops up behind you in the mirror. Just like Candyman.

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