9 Disturbing Dystopian Futures From Film and Television

Monday, March 19 by

Phantom 2040

This little-remembered show from the 1990s showed a pretty frightening future for The Ghost Who Walks to inhabit. The dystopian elements of this piece are familiar: Giant corporations have completely destroyed the environment, leaving instead huge, cold buildings of steel and robots replacing human labor and ingenuity. As you can see, The Phantom has his work cut out for him.

The Hunger Games

Oh Katniss, my Katniss.

In the future of the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, children have to fight each other to the death for food or something. I haven’t read the books. But judging by Donald Sutherland and everyone else’s serious facial expressions in the trailer, this is not a very fun era to be alive in. And who would want to fight for food? I have to do that every time my uncle comes over to visit, and it sucks (hey-o!).

V for Vendetta

Here’s a disturbing dystopia that might look hauntingly familiar. After a devastating terrorist attack, a vicious right-wing government swept into power in the UK and quickly began dismantling civil liberties one after the other. Freedom of speech, gone. Freedom of religion, nonexistent. Freedom to put on a ridiculous Guy Fawkes mask and blow up public buildings? Tragically abolished! Luckily, one man is willing to stand up to his fascist rulers while also using words that start with the letter “V” a lot. Thanks, V!

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