9 Disappointing Sequels That Took Forever To Make

Wednesday, August 31 by

4. The Godfather Part III

Time Away: 16 Years

Much has been written about the flaws in The Godfather Part III. From the disastrous miscasting of Sofia Coppola to the deadly lack of Robert Duvall. But it’s not a terrible movie. It’s just unnecessary. The Godfather Part II completed Michael Corleone’s character arc and brought his family’s saga full circle. Part III was generated not from any real hanging story threads but by a need for all the participants to cash in. Plus, when parts 1 and 2 of a franchise are widely considered the 1st and 2nd best movies ever made, 3 has nowhere to go but down.

5. Blue Brothers 2000

Time Away: 18 years

I’ve never, and until that restraining order is lifted, will never, witness a high level Hollywood meeting. But I can only imagine the nonsense thinking that went into justifying Jim Belushi, John Goodman, and a ten year old as suitable replacements for the late John Belushi. It’s like they couldn’t decide which of the three would be the least offensive to the first film’s fans (Dear Hollywood: It would have been Goodman), so they threw all three against the wall hoping something would stick. Nothing stuck.

6. Tron Legacy

Time Away: 28 Years

Much like Chief Wiggum, I’ve never actually seen Tron. But my fellow online nerds were disappointed, and I’ve never known them to complain needlessly, so I’ll take them at their word. On the other hand, every movie I’ve seen featuring a bearded Jeff Bridges has been of high quality. That’s hard evidence to argue with.

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