9 Cross-Dressing Comedies That Are Probably Better Than Jack & Jill

Friday, November 11 by

The Hot Chick

When a teen girl awakes to find that she has switched bodies with an adult man, she has to track her real body down befor the switch becomes permanent. Not an astounding plot on the surface, but the sheer off-the-rails insanity of the film’s characters (especially the dad) saves it and makes for a pretty funny comedy. Pot helps too.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

I’m told people enjoy this.


Much like in Juwanna Mann, Dustin Hoffman‘s actor, though very talented, is too volatile and develops a reputation that costs him his career. Out of desperation, he auditions for a soap opera role disguised as a woman. Mild hilarity ensues.

This film is ranked as the second funniest film of all time be the American Film Institute, just behind another cross-dressing comedy, Some Like It Hot, which makes absolutely no sense. I’m not usually conspiracy minded, but maybe there’s some truth to that whole “gay mafia” thing.

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