9 Cross-Dressing Comedies That Are Probably Better Than Jack & Jill

Friday, November 11 by

Big Momma’s House

I’m sure that some people will feel a sense of outrage that I included Big Momma’s House on this list. It’s time that those people stop lying to themselves. It’s films like this that paved the way for Precious.

Some Like It Hot

After witnessing the worst slaying by a cartoonish gang of Mafia thugs in Chicago history, two struggling musicians flee town and get jobs with a traveling all-female band. Marilyn Munroe is also cast to ensure that the film would not completely kill audience boners.

Mrs. Doubtfire

In order to see his children, divorced dad Robin Williams has to go undercover as the British caretaker, Mrs. Doubtfire. You have to wonder how often this actually goes on. Trust no one.

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