9 Completely Fake Reality Shows

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I bet they'e not even really standing in that room. 

Ghost Hunters investigator Grant Wilson shocked the world of the easily-shocked earlier this month by announcing he was leaving the Syfy series. “It is with mixed emotion that I am announcing my departure from the cast of Ghost Hunters. While paranormal investigating has always been and will remain a passion for me, after enjoying nearly eight successful seasons on television, I have made the decision to leave the series in order to focus on other aspects of my personal life,” Wilson said of his departure.

I don’t know what other aspects he’s referring to, but I imagine they involve not running around in dark, abandoned insane asylums at 3 in the morning pretending to encounter ghosts.

In honor of Grant’s departure, we’ve put together this list of other totally fake reality shows. Honorable mentions to The Real Gilligan’s Island.

The Bachelor

The fact that this show and its off-shoots and imitators have been on the air for a decade now is really disconcerting. At this point, it’s more a parody of itself than Flavor of Love ever was, with the only reason to watch being the total trainwrecks falling apart when they find out they can’t marry the abs handing out the roses. What’s saddest however is how America’ buys into the tabloid machine that covers the tragic break-up of the winners two weeks after the season has wrapped.

The Pick-Up Artist

This show was total cheese. That said, it was the most I’ve been entertained as an adult. The series followed the be-top-hatted professional ass-crusher Mystery as he taught a group of duds how to get inside of girls. However, after the finale it was revealed in the press that the so-called winner is actually an actor and the runner-up is a model. I just don’t understand why a man who considers himself the master of tricking women into sexual congress would lie to us. I feel a little used.

Cake Boss

Yeah. More like Fake Boss. So many things about this show bother me. Mostly, the high-drama positions they’re always putting the cakes in. I have an idea. Let’s make our cakes on the second floor and install an unreliable elevator. Looks like we’ll have to take the stairs. I wonder what will happen? It’s like a modern version of the prat-falling baker on Sesame Street.

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