9 Famous Comic Strips That Were Turned Into Movies

Friday, November 11 by

Dick Tracy

Motivated by the success of Batman, Warren Beatty dipped his toe into the world of comic adaptations. However, the result was far too hokey with its abundance of cartoonish villians and overall lack of realism. If only they made it more a character study and focused on fewer villains to show what makes them the way they are. Having a prune for face is likely to do serious damage to a man’s psyche.


Based on the successful Broadway musical, Annie drew its original inspiration from the comic strip Little Orphan Annie. Man, that’s what people used to read as entertainment? A story about some poor kid with dead parents trying to make it through a harsh world? Sickos. She doesn’t even practice magic.

The Phantom

Starring master of disguise, William George Zane Jr., The Phantom was another attempt to cash in on the popularity of Batman. Not enough focus was put into the story or the film-making, but the production of commemorative Burger King glasses and pinball machines that nobody wants to play seems to have been a top priority.

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