9 Classic Movies That Will Put Hair On Your Chest

Tuesday, October 18 by

Sick of having a smooth and disgustingly hairless chest? While there are medical options available to you, watching certain types of movies, many of them featuring the talents of such hirsute gentlemen as Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Richard Boone, and others. One such classic, The Guns of Navarone, will be released on Blu-ray on 10/18. If you can’t wait until then, watch any of these movies and your chest will be covered in a thick Austin Powers-like pelt in no time.

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The Great Escape

One of the best WWII action movies ever made, The Great Escape follows a group of Allied POWs in a German prison camp, doing their damndest to, well, escape. The harrowingly claustrophobic tunnel scenes alone will make you sprout a tuft or two. And the famous motorcycle chase? Forget about it!

Von Ryan’s Express

The best movies to put hair on your chest are obviously those about World War II. After all, “The Greatest Generation” is called that due to the unprecedented and since unmatched level of chest hair among them. Here’s another WWII gem, this one starring none other than Frank Sinatra. It’s not quite at the level of The Great Escape but it’ll definitely have your chest blanketed in a thick coat of fur sooner rather than later.

The Dirty Dozen

Here’s a movie that is basically graduate-level chest hair production material. Take a look at this cast: Lee Marvin. Charles Bronson. Telly Savalas. Robert Ryan. Jim Brown. Ernest Borgnine. Just reading these names should cause your chest to feel a bit warmer. When you factor in the plot about a ragtag bunch of prisoners flambeing a bunch of Nazi party-goers, it’s practically a chest hair factory.

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