9 Characters Creepier Than Buffalo Bill From ‘Silence Of The Lambs’

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3. Zed – Pulp Fiction

Well, he’s a police officer, so right away I get the chills. However, he’s also a rapist who keeps a man/pet known as “the gimp.” While I like the idea of owning a gimp for random chores and basic butler-ing activities, I do not support anal rape. I’m sorry, but it’s just how I was raised.

I also doubt that he washed the ball gag that he stuffed into Marcellus Wallace’s mouth, which is just gross. Is it as gross as unprotected anal rape? Yup. Totally. What if it had gimp spit on it?

2. Captain Spaulding – House of 1000 Corpses/ The Devil’s Rejects

Well, he’s a killer clown, which should rocket him to the top of the creepy scale. He appears to be a friendly but weird owner of a gas station, but the truth is much, much worse. He’s secretly a CLOWN! Also a killer, but the clown part is what really haunts me to my core.

This guy isn’t just a sociopath, but he has bred a sociopath family. A sociopath family that is ultimately responsible for the death of Brian Posehn’s character in The Devil’s Rejects. Who kills Brian Posehn? A monster, that’s who. Posehn’s hilarious!

1. Garth Algar – Wayne’s World

What a maladjusted psycho this guy is. He’s seen building a robot hand for reason unknown, offering to Benjamin, “We fear change.” He stalks Kim Basinger and thinks that Bugs Bunny was attractive when he dressed up like a girl bunny.

We don’t know how Garth’s days played out shortly after Waynestock, but we can imagine that it involved a lot of taxidermied raccoons, doll parts strewn about a mobile home, and probably some heads floating in formaldehyde.

Nice guy. NOT.

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