When it comes to creepy characters in cinema, The Silence of the LambsBuffalo Bill, a.k.a “Jame Gumb,” is the gold standard against which all others are held. However, this is owed more to ubiquity than it is merit. It makes sense that he’s used as such; Silence swept the Oscars and quickly became a pop culture touch point.

However, skinning fat girls doesn’t earn the title of “Creepiest Man in Film.” For that title, I propose these nine gentleman who make Buffalo Bill seem like a Girl Scout.

That was hyperbolic. Buffalo Bill is still a really bad guy.

9. Dr. Frederick Chilton – The Silence of the Lambs

We didn’t have to go very far from the benchmark to get one entry on this list. While Buffalo Bill is by no means a charmer, his crazy, flesh suit-wearing ways are a sublime delight when held up to the head of the psychiatric “hospital,” Dr. Chilton. His smugness and sleazy demeanor cause the viewer to half-expect hair gel to start oozing out of his pores.

Remarkably, Hannibal Lecter was able to look past all his shortcomings and “have him for dinner.”

Oh. I just got that. That’s funny.

8. Norman Bates – Psycho

The title of the film says it all. This guy wears one face to the world, and another one in the confines of the Bates Motel. Like Buffalo Bill, this dude is straight-up crazy. Beyond the standard killing (which wouldn’t get you on this list). In terms of creepy actions, this guy takes the cake with conversing and keeping his mother’s decomposing corpse as a companion.

7. Sean Nokes – Sleepers

While the above gentlemen are creepier on a social level, Sean Nokes (Kevin Bacon’s character from Sleepers) is creepier on more of a “molests little boys and tortures them” level, which is one hell of a level. With the other guards at the juvenile detention center, he raped many of the boys, apparently unrepentant years after the fact.

Coupled with his appearance (which can best be described as “greasy as shit”) when confronted by one of the grown-up boys, he’s working creepy on two very palatable levels. I hope he enjoyed his dinner that night. It was his last.

6. Gaear Grimsrud – Fargo

“Dead eyes” is a bit of a cliché, but that’s exactly what springs to mind faced with this merciless, near-mute, Scandinavian killer. His cold approach to business (read: murder) offers a detachment from human emotion that can makes one skin crawl. This guy doesn’t seem to be crazy in the least, he just seems not to care.

Also, he displays many disloyal characteristics, namely that he feeds his partners into woodchippers, which, let’s face it, is pretty rotten behavior. My guess is, after the movie ends, he’s probably not a guy you would want to cross in prison. Or if you did, you’d probably want to keister a shiv. But you should probably keister a shiv anyway. It’s prison, after all.

5. John Doe – Se7en

While Buffalo Bill practiced his craft for his own satisfaction and enjoyment, Kevin Spacey’s John Doe was a more exacting agent of societal change. Or so he thought. His dedication to making the world a better place puts him in the role of a martyr, perhaps a more dangerous role than “simple psychopath.”

You want creepy? Thousands of journals, removed fingertips, and hysterical outbursts after vomiting on commuters. That’s John Doe’s world. One that he hides behind a thin veil of sanity. That’s before we even touch on what happens with “Lust.”

4. William “Bill” Lumbergh – Office Space

Cut from the same cloth as Dr. Chilton is Bill Lumberg, a suspendered, 1980’s Porsche-driving manager for Initech, a company that provides Internet solutions, synergies, or some-such thing. His creepy drawl carries on conversations with underlings that don’t even require their presence, which makes me think that he could be just as delusional as a dude slow-dancing with his wiener tucked between his legs.

Mmmkay? Greaaat.

3. Zed – Pulp Fiction

Well, he’s a police officer, so right away I get the chills. However, he’s also a rapist who keeps a man/pet known as “the gimp.” While I like the idea of owning a gimp for random chores and basic butler-ing activities, I do not support anal rape. I’m sorry, but it’s just how I was raised.

I also doubt that he washed the ball gag that he stuffed into Marcellus Wallace’s mouth, which is just gross. Is it as gross as unprotected anal rape? Yup. Totally. What if it had gimp spit on it?

2. Captain Spaulding – House of 1000 Corpses/ The Devil’s Rejects

Well, he’s a killer clown, which should rocket him to the top of the creepy scale. He appears to be a friendly but weird owner of a gas station, but the truth is much, much worse. He’s secretly a CLOWN! Also a killer, but the clown part is what really haunts me to my core.

This guy isn’t just a sociopath, but he has bred a sociopath family. A sociopath family that is ultimately responsible for the death of Brian Posehn’s character in The Devil’s Rejects. Who kills Brian Posehn? A monster, that’s who. Posehn’s hilarious!

1. Garth Algar – Wayne’s World

What a maladjusted psycho this guy is. He’s seen building a robot hand for reason unknown, offering to Benjamin, “We fear change.” He stalks Kim Basinger and thinks that Bugs Bunny was attractive when he dressed up like a girl bunny.

We don’t know how Garth’s days played out shortly after Waynestock, but we can imagine that it involved a lot of taxidermied raccoons, doll parts strewn about a mobile home, and probably some heads floating in formaldehyde.

Nice guy. NOT.

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